What is Google+?

Google+ has a direct (and perhaps most) influence on the ranking of the site.

2016-09-10   Sandro Basta

Google+ is a social network that is part of your Google account. Unlike other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., There are so-called. Circles (Circles) that enable users to publish certain data, text, images, video clips with certain social groups that share similar interests (entertainment, news, sports, etc.).
Google+ is associated with other Google services, such as Play Store, Gmail, Google Search and of course, this means that when you search on Google, the search results will appear and relevant posts from your Google+ circles.

The importance of Google + on position sites in organic search

Google+ has a direct (and perhaps most) influence on the ranking of the site. Links to this network are DoFollow links, and those links are a very important factor in SEO and SERP ranking.

Content located on Google+ pages are visited by the crawler and is calculated as a result of time (search result).
These facts are very important for companies engaged in optimizing sites for search engines.

Being on Google+ brings several advantages:

Promotion of content.
Transmission of business information.
Communication with the public and customers.
Moreover, the mere presence on Google+ helps in attracting organic visit the site because the profiles on Google+ used in any other Google services.
Google uses social signals to monitor and analyze the impact and scope of the brands. Brands that have a large number of followers and more interaction on social platforms are ranked better than brands that do not have such a presence.

How to use Google + for better position 

To get more from the presence on Google+, you must first connect to the site and Google+ profile, followed by interaction and promotion with other users of this social network. A few things to bear in mind when it comes to SEO on Google+:

Create a good profile with good content and a lot of information - the algorithms used by Google "view" of the profile as an independent web site and so they are treated and the ranking.

Optimized profiles - to optimize the profile of the same rules as for the optimization of the site:
- Put the name (title) profile by the rules of SEO, which bears the name of the company, (advice is that in the name of the profile is not set keywords)
- The description is required in a few sentences in the description of the company that contain keywords and meta tags
Make it more and wider circles (circles), with as many as possible of the influential people who will continue to spread the circle
Build links, invite others to link your site
Be constantly active, constantly expand the circle, and reach new followers. The biggest mistake is to set the profile of your company and then does not "go around" your posts
Update the content of the profile. Each post in a Google search shows how to blog with their URL, and it is immediately indexed
Add Google+ post directly to your web site and allow visitors to interact with them by adding G + 1 button
Connect your Google+ profile with business profile companies
Track and analyze results