Redesign your website?

No matter how well the design successfully made the website was, rapid changes in the field of web design and new technologies require occasional refreshing looks, adding new functionality and application of new technologies.

2016-09-09   Sandro Basta

Want to know whether your website needs a redesign? Here are three basic reasons for the redesign of existing website:

1. Your website need to redesign because it looks out of date

Trends in web design without exception change every year. Once very popular flash animation, is now eliminated completely from your design. In recent years we have witnessed a transition to a simple flat design. 2016 marks the transition from parallax scrolling design with full width background. For a general rule is to be updated web design every 3-4 years in order to be in step with the times.

2. Your website needs a redesign because it is not responsive

More than half of the traffic on the web is via mobile devices and a growing number of people using phones for search and information on the web. In addition, Google has confirmed that sites that are not responsive gives poorer position on the search engines, and soon they will  not appear in searches. Do not let the poor presentation of your website on mobile devices lose visitors and position on the search engines.

3. Your website needs to redesign because  does not work

If your site has become crowded, slow, links do not work, the content is not updated, the site is not associated with social networks, I can easily say that it does not work, ie. does not serve its purpose. The reasons for this state of websites can be either lack of maintenance or maintenance by different web developers over the years. In any case you need a redesign.