One of the most attractive way to enter into the digital age, is to start your own online business. Online selling (e-commerce) in 2015 reached a staggering $1,672 trillion, and in 2016 is expected to be even higher trading volume.

2016-09-09   Sandro Basta

What is obvious is the increased demand for software. Moreover, trends in e-commerce lead to a new approach to new customers, which include new and creative ways to come up with better sales. A large number of software for Internet commerce appeared on the market, offering new creative methods to sell products to end customers.

Magento e-commerce, open source solution provides users with a flexible system and control of the content, functionality and visuals for their online store. It occupies the third place with 6.71% of the total market share. Certainly,  can say that this is an advanced solution for online store. It also provides powerful SEO tools to manage catalogs.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that works great job because it covers as much as 30% of the market. I can call him and "initial level of e-commerce software solutions" because is easy to use and anyone can quickly overcome. It also gives full control over online store, as owners, and the development team who deals with its implementation and maintenance.


Shopify is quickly becoming my favorite e-commerce platforms. The user interface of the admin panel is simply gorgeous. Although it has its limitations, there are not many things I was not able to accomplish with it.

The biggest downside is the limited ability to change the checkout page. Although you have some control over it, it is minor. So if you're trying to design the checkout page to be exactly how you want, Shopify is probably not for you. In fact, none of the hosted solutions will offer customizable checkout process so that I can jump the the Self-Hosted section right away.
Shopify starts at $ 29 / mo. And if you use their credit card processor, you will only have to pay the standard 2.9 percent + 30 cent rate.

PrestaShop's e-commerce open source solution that is written in the PHP programming language with support for MySQL. Globally is in 5th place with a 5.29% market share. This platform provides the flexibility of the business. and does not need specific knowledge to open an online store.